Our company has been providing online security services since 1999. During this time, we have helped hundreds of clients secure their website from a variety of threats by using the latest technology and Internet security strategies. Our services allow you to run your website without having to worry about the security implications. This lets you focus more on running your business, while we take care of monitoring your online properties around the clock to ensure that they're as safe as possible from malicious attacks and viruses.

Our Passion for Online Security

The Internet has changed significantly since we started our company over 15 years ago. A growing number of companies and individuals have decided to build an online presence to conduct business and connect with others. Now, practically every small business has a website and uses online services such as social media, online banking, Internet telephony and web-based email. Previously, malicious attackers only focused on large companies and their online assets. But right now, small businesses and individuals are becoming a growing target for hacking, financial fraud and identity theft, denial of service attacks, viruses and more.

Our team has kept up to date with the most recent trends in online security and has both the knowledge and tools to keep your website secure at all times.

Custom Made Solutions For You

We realize that when it comes to security, a one-size-fits-all approach is not the best. For example, an online store that processes hundreds of transactions will be a bigger target for malicious hackers than a one-page website promoting a hot dog stand. Our experts will assess the type of solutions you need and make recommendations on how they can be implemented. We will also review our strategy periodically if your needs change or new online security threats emerge.